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Tekslo Team

Runar Trellevik

Robert Trellevik

Jan Petter Monsen

Tekslo Seafood is a company driven by entrepreneurs, who all have a dear relationship with the ocean. Over the years, we have evolved genuine interests in telling the world about the potential seaweed has as superfood and flavor enhancer.

Together we have a dream of creating a new sustainable and environmentally friendly industry, based on
seaweed. An industry built upon old traditions, which we have updated with modern knowledge and technology.

Our focus is to make this special vegetable a natural and healthy ingredient when dining with your family. We will do this by creating tasty products used when cooking, or as snacks – both in private spheres and in commercial spaces.

Sustainability is always our main focus. We therefore only use seaweed handpicked from certified north Atlantic waters. We rotate our harvesting in a way that secures a sustainable regrowth in each place, without doing any damage to the biological fauna. After harvesting, we dry the seaweed in a self-developed dryer room, built inside of an old traditional boathouse.

The North Sea is a part of the North Atlantic, and this is where we harvest our seaweed. The waters here are pristine, cold, and have the perfect conditions for harvesting world-class seaweed. Our ancestors sustained themselves from the ocean for thousands of years, and seaweed was for them a vital source of vitamins and minerals.

Tekslo Seafood wants to make seaweed available for everyone by sharing our knowledge of this tasty and
nutrient dense plant, as it can be an important part of the diet for all people.

Our mission is to get seaweed back onto the dining table

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In this package you get Taco seasoning, Garam Masala, Pizza seasoning and Grill seasoning, which all contain seaweed that is hand-harvested in the pristine waters of the north Atlantic ocean.


This is a series of all-natural flavor enhancers from the sea, packed with vitamins and minerals. Here you get 4 different seaweed spices that make it easy to get started. All seaweed is hand-harvested in the pristine waters of the north Atlantic ocean. 

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